Tuesday, January 15

A [Universal] Truth

Despite the obvious differences amongst human beings, some of us are still inclined to view subjective things as relative to all.

Dysfunctional relationships, whether they are with your friends, family, or coworkers, fall under that category. Even within a group of people who’ve experienced dysfunction, it can be broken down even further by defining the exact type of ‘malfunctions’ one has become acquainted with. It is beginning to seem as if statements like “everyone has experienced this at some point in their life so…” are sometimes uttered to make the speaker feel better about having gone through something they aren’t necessarily proud of.

The idea that there is an equal opposite to everything, should allow us to see the truth in this. However, recent events have solidified my observation that for some people, if it happened/happens to them, they grow to believe it is normal/happens to everyone.

I think if we made a conscious effort to associate with more people who were different than ourselves, we’d immediately see that PEOPLE have far more variety than what we see in our tiny bubble. We would also think a little more before assuming our thought patterns and manner of processing is standard behavior.

I fully understand why some people create generalizations to box everyone in. It makes it easier to not look at EVERYONES full picture. Details involve attaining a more intimate understanding of one another. While it can be overwhelming, it opens our eyes to so much more in life. Believe it or not, learning how other people deal with life, assists in the natural progression of humanity. At least that is what I believe…

…and the older I become, the more I SEE how true it is. Of course this is my perspective on life and how we choose to live it sometimes. So, there could very well be someone out there whose philosophical beliefs dictate otherwise. However, without our various differences, we’d all be more robotic and boring than our colorful personalities display us to be.

I’m grateful for all of the human beings I’ve had the privilege of learning from/about. It constantly confirms that we all work together, [un]knowingly, to fit in the big picture of life. For every delusional person, there is an equally rational one that exists at the same time. I think the key in getting along is accepting who we are, deciding if that is the person we want to remain or allowing life to organically evolve us into better versions of ourselves. Then we have to grow to understand that each human will make a choice to do this or not, as well. Those who choose opposite from us are still important because they assist with the universal balance.

This is what I’ve grown to accept over many years as being a [universal] truth.

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