Sunday, February 17

All Opinions Are Not Facts

I am a huge fan of opinions. Regardless of them being aligned with my own, I enjoy the difference. It gives us an opportunity to SEE that we do think differently. Also gives us a chance to understand why some people process life the way they do. As much as I enjoy hearing/reading thoughts that run through others minds, I take no delight in opinions being pushed onto others. When I say that, it is not to be confused with facts. Everything that we think is not always based on truthful or factual information. How we feel about something is JUST that. It isn't 100% factual. 

With that being said, here are a few OPINIONS that people LOVE to herald as universal truths. A little logical thinking would reveal the real truth but alas, some like to be irrational so...

1) no one is born gay/no one chooses to be gay

I chuckle when I hear this one. Just because you might not personally know anyone who has had homosexual tendencies since they were a child, doesn't mean they don't exist. Same goes for someone who explores their sexual side in full. Just because you've known them to date and sleep with the opposite sex, that doesn't mean their walk on the wild side caused them to not be open to other possibilities. Yes, there are a million and one things that can be said to support your argument. Unless you poll everyone on the planet though, you're arguing a losing battle.

2) if you have all male friends, you're an untrustworthy female/whore

People just shout out things sometimes because their life experiences dictate it to be a truth. None of our lives are the blueprints to human interaction. If a little girl was raised by her father, mainly hung around her uncles, brothers, and male cousins, it would stand to reason that she'd have closer male relationships, than female. Even in a 2-parent home, if the daughter is drawn to her father over her mother, his traits and character will resonate with her more. Children emulate their parents ALL the time. So if a woman doesn't have very many women friends, it may be due to a comfort level, not because she wants to fuck every male within breathing distance.

3) open relationships are bullshit and never work

Those who have said this, I want to ask TWO questions. Have you been privy to EVERY open relationship that ever existed? Have you been in one? We already know the answer to the first question. The second...if you've been in a open relationship and it didn't work, that's it. YOUR relationship didn't work; why would you generalize something simply because it was a bust for you? At this point, it becomes more of an emotional discussion, not logical. Logically speaking, there are successful open relationships. A lot of people who want to debate it [from my experiences], usually have never been in one, are jaded, and/or just like being an argumentative asshole. ANY type of relationship requires work, whether it's a little or a lot. Regardless of personal feelings on relationships being open, review ALL of your own. If you haven't managed to make any of them work, it can be said that your relationships are bullshit too. Doesn't make it true; just an opinion.

4) someone who used to live a sexually "wild" life is not marriage material

If you don't want to marry someone who could be categorized as a hobag, that's cool. We all like things. However, everyone isn't you. Some people aren't looking for good guys/girls. Therefore, why would they be interested in marrying one? Amongst ALL the reasons I chose to marry my husband, one was because he has similar sex drive to me. I wanted to be with someone who wasn't shy about sex, someone who knew what they liked but wasn't a complete stick in the mud about other things either. So how much sense would it have made for either of us to marry someone with more traditionally conservative views of marriage? We'd have broken up years ago. Just ask your mothers and aunts about their sex lives. You either won't ask or your definition of whore might change some. Point is, "you can't turn a hoe into a housewife", is an opinion and everyone who lives unrepressed sexual lives aren't signing up to be single forever.

This post could go on but the point that all opinions aren't facts has been expressed. Any time we state something and we apply it to all or most people, we're making generalized statements. Those comments don't leave room for any human being that chooses to operate differently from a perceived norm. No matter what is going on that makes us feel our opinions are facts, we're all intelligent enough life forms to understand that life isn't ONE SIZE fits all...and it never will be.


  1. I love how you explain things in a way that makes people think out of the box. Then again, everyone isn't as receptive to a truth smack to the face, lol!


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