Sunday, February 24

The Anatomy of a "Bad Bitch"

Based on some things I've heard men say about "bad bitches", it has lead me to believe that they think most of these women wake up "bad". Of course "bad" becomes relative based on the man/woman you're talking to. For the sake of this post, use the UNIVERSAL definition. For an example, think, Halle Berry or Amber Rose.

Not every "bad bitch" looks terrible without their makeup and weave but if they walked around like most women, a lot of men wouldn't classify them as "bad". I've seen the eyebrow-less faces, non-existent edges, bad skin, and how they dress when no one is gawking over them. When they step outside, they have put serious time and effort into their appearance. Imagine if they had 1 or more children inserted into that equation. I'm still looking for the average woman who is a "bad bitch", has kids, AND maintains her look on minimal average income. I have yet to find that unicorn.


Those are the 8 main things involved with maintaining a "bad" status. Without Money and Time, it's damn near impossible to have the other 6 in full. 
There is a reason it takes women 2-5 hours at the salon. Never mind the 30-60 min wait just to get in the chair. This isn't the same as going to a barbershop to get a hair cut. We are getting FULL SERVICES and the ones that cost the least, still take an average of an hour, from arrival to departure, to complete. Most services start at $15-25 but that's for ONE service. It is rare that a non-White woman gets one service when going to the salon. We usually get 2-3, which can increase the cost by $40-80. Being a bad bitch, every salon visit can run you $100 or more. If you have a weave and/or hair color, your monthly hair costs can be anywhere from $250-$800.
To put on makeup effectively enough to be labeled "bad", it takes time. Women don't blink and SHAZAM! makeup appears. If you want quality makeup, that costs money too. When I was going to the club all the time, my makeup bill, semi-monthly, was about $30-50. I don't even wear a lot of makeup; foundation, mascara, and gloss. Most "bad" women wear a list of products [usually]. Eyebrows have to be drawn on, blemishes have to be concealed, and skin tone has to be evened out. I know some women who have to start getting ready 2 hours before it's time to go somewhere because of their makeup process. Keeping makeup fresh so skin isn't irritated and buying good products can triple what my semi-monthly bill is. I've seen some women spend $150 on makeup in one visit and it wasn't everything they needed.

When it comes to clothing, a good shopper can find quality pieces at bargain prices. When I was shopping at least 2-3 days a week, I was spending at least $300-500...that's $1200-2000 a month on clothes. Again, I wasn't even dressing to be a bad bitch. One dress, bag, coat, or pair of shoes can cost a bad bitch $1200-2000. Average working class women cannot afford that all the time and their basic responsibilities.

In order to get the money that is needed, time is definitely involved. If they can fund their status on their own, extra time doesn't have to be devoted to any man/woman in an effort to get what their lifestyle needs. This isn't to insinuate that "bad bitch" = "whore". If I could afford to dote on myself more often, I would do ALL of the above. I'm simply saying that without a considerable, constant flow of money, bad bitches don't exist.
The friends of "bad" ones usually understand their lifestyle and tend to have similar lives. That's why most of their friends are hot, like them. In this instance, birds of a feather do flock together. They tend to travel in groups, at the very least in pairs. You deal with them, you'll also have to deal with their friends. It isn't any different than most women and their friends; you just stare at "bad" ones longer. There is an expectation with some [not all] that if you got me, you got my girls too. That requires money and if you don't have it, they have no problem telling you to go away.

If one were to calculate the time and money it takes on a monthly basis to support this lifestyle, it'd be obvious that ONLY men with a significant amount of money can afford these women. Yet, a lot of men with less than, feel they should have a "bad bitch". It becomes a neverending cycle of delusional stupid shit. Enter the complaining and nagging that men do but just not in a whiny woman's voice. 

I ask all men who think that their significant others are being lazy or defiant against societies norms, find JUST ONE woman who has the *UNIVERSAL title of "bad bitch", has one or more kids, while living in a household with a combined income of less than 75k a year, and takes care of all her basic necessities BEFORE her bad bitch status. I want to talk to these women to see how they do it because if they can be considered a *UNIVERSAL bad bitch, I will stand corrected and do what they're doing. So far no one has been able to point them out.
This post isn't to make a mockery of these women. They have a right to choose how they want to be seen. It's to point out that it isn't as simple as some people think. It takes effort just like women who focus on their education and intelligence. For people to irrationally think that it can be done with minimal time and money is the reason I wrote this. 

UNIVERSAL [bad bitch]: a woman that can be seen by most men/women and classified as such. Being pretty, cute, or generally attractive, unfortunately, doesn't classify women as being "bad". Most women who are beyond *pornstar thick aren't considered bad bitches either.

PORNSTAR THICK: see the picture to the left.

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